Brief Information on Different Topics: Opium War, Taiping Rebellion, British Raj

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1. Muhammad Ali.
2. Tanzimat Reformsy.
3. Opium War
4. Treaty of Nanjing/Nanking
5. Taiping Rebellion
6. British Raj
7. Sepoy Rebellion
8. Indian National Congress
9. Clipper Ship

1. Muhammad Ali. (1769-1849) Muhammad Ali was the founder of a dynasty that ruled Egypt in the beginning of 19th century to the middle of the 20th century. He encouraged the emergence of the modern Egyptian state. In 1798, Egypt was controlled by the Ottoman Empire, and occupied by French force under Napoleon Bonaparte. The three-year French occupation (1798–1801) had disrupted the country’s traditional political and economic structure. Ali arrived there in 1801 as a commander of a 300 men Albanian regiment sent b the Ottoman …show more content…

3. Opium War (1839-1842) and (1856-1860) The British traded tea with China, in return, they had little to offer expect for Opium which grew mostly in India. However, the Chinese outlawed Opium and wanted little to do with trade between the British. The British didn’t want to lose control of trade with China, so war was declared to force the Chinese to allow trade. The British won due to their superior navy, and the trading system continued between the two. As a result of such strong British power with China, they gained the island of Hong Kong, which was turned into a major port and center of South China shipping. It is a significant event for the British showing imperialist powers in foreign affairs and humiliating the powerful Chinese empire.

4. Treaty of Nanjing/Nanking The Treat of Nanking was established in 1842 to end the first Opium War between Britain and China. This affected the Chinese by forcing them to open up more trade to other countries and lowered tariffs. This was considered the “unequal treaty” by the Chinese as they lost the war.

5. Taiping Rebellion (1850-1864) The Taiping Rebellion resulted in a lot of damage in political power that caused weakness within the Qing dynasty in China. However, the uproar lasted 14 years before it was suppressed with the help of European descendant which manifested into a Western trained and

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