Mass Killers In Odysseus

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joseph stalin, francisco franco, napoleon bonaparte, alexander of macedon, xerxes, mao tse tung, all leaders in charge for massive massacres, saddam hussein, idi amin dada, mobutu sese seko, suharto. Does Odysseus belong on this list of mass killers because of the actions he took? Odyssey is a 1200 line poem allegedly written by Homer and it's based on the Greek and Roman myth of Odysseus and is telling his 20 long year journey. Odysseus was a passionate leader who cared for his men but in many instances he was filled with rage and unforgivingness that lead to arrogance and death. In Odyssey written by Homer, Odysseus was unforgiving and vengeful. Odysseus returned home after his 20 year adventure. He came home to find that his wife was looking for a new suitors, and was choosing which one to marry with a competition of strength. After the bow challenge that only Odysseus could win he has revealed himself to every suitor and his wife, and he is very angry at all the suitors. So the leader of the suitors Eurymachus tries to apologize and says. “he tried to trap your son and would have killed him.
He is dead now and has his portion. Spare your own people. As for ourselves, we’ll make restitution of wine and meat consumed, and add, each one, a tithe of twenty oxen with gifts of bronze and gold to warm your heart.
Meanwhile we cannot blame you for your anger.” (Book 22 lines 50-60). Eurymachus tries to apologize to Odysseus by saying that he understands why he would be mad and

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