Mass Medi A Positive Side And A Negative Side

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Daniel Chern Professor Ehrenreich April 25 2015 Mass Communication Take Home Test 1a) Mass media, much like many other things have two sides: a positive side and a negative side. Even though most of the mass media is typically associated with negative outcomes, it should not undermine the positive outcomes of mass media. One of the most important mass media form that generates positivity is television. Typically, many view television as a troublesome form of mass media that draws children’s attention away from studying and doing well in school; however, when digging deeper, there is a good side to watching television. For example, according to a content analysis in chapter 11 on family values show that “the number of extended family configurations has increased (12% to 24%), and the number of childless families have declined (24% to 12%) (Chapter11, pg.329).” This shows that the family values show on television shows such as Everybody Loves Raymond and Leave it to Beaver educate people on how to reach a peaceful resolution when conflict occurs. Not only does it portray how a family should handle a situation and reach a harmonious resolution but it also teaches family solidarity. “Perhaps the most pervasive of the family values on TV is family solidarity (loyalty, support, and love for one’s family) (Chapter11, pg.330).” Even though the situations portrayed on television can be a misinterpretations of the lives of most Americans, it can still transmit powerful messages to
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