Mass Shootings And Its Effects On Society

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Did you know that over the course of 18 years U.S gun related homicides have dropped 39 percent, but in recent years we have noticed a large increase in mass shootings? What is a mass shooting defined as? Mass shootings are defined as a public attack in which the shooter and the victims are generally unknown to each other and four or more people are killed. “Harvard studies show that mass shootings are occurring on average every 64 days and during the previous 29 years, mass shootings occurred on average every 200 days” (Ansari). Americans tend to put the blame to lack of gun control, but the reality is, it 's not a lack of gun control. People in today 's society are able to access guns illegal through loopholes and not just guns, any kind of weapon. How do we truly look at the reality of the reason why mass shootings occur? We truly can 't without getting inside the mind of a killer. Our government sees that if we can put a control on guns we will see a decrease in violence, but when we made marijuana illegal do you think everyone said "oh look it 's illegal we shouldn 't smoke it" no! The same goes for guns, no matter what laws are in place people still get guns. Those who support the second amendment and the NRA (National Rifle Association) are not the ones to put the blame on for these shootings. The reality behind mass shootings is the anger problems in a person, how faulty our background check system is, and an increase in media output.
When you see these shooters

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