Materialism During The Romantic Poem Era

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Materialism, toxic to our happiness, yet often ignored. Materialism was a pressing social issue during the industrial revolution and the Romantic Poem Era. It was written about by many well known Romantic poets of the time including; Blake, Shelley, Coleridge and Wordsworth. Despite the extensive development of the world from the times of Romantic Poets to our modern day society, materialisation is still present. This issue has it’s claws sunk into our modern world, with contemporary artists Madonna, Pink Floyd and AC DC writing about their outlooks on the subject. Materialism demonstrated by poets during the Romantic Era is still relevant in modern society and contemporary artist’s lyrics.

The context in which these lyrics and poem were written depended on the world around the authors. William Wordsworth, was a Romantic Era poet, “of spiritual and epistemological speculation… concerned with the human relationship to nature” 5. Wordsworth was living in the midst of the industrial revolution, where people felt they had to ‘move forward’ with the technology of the time. They then became wrapped in consumerism and materialism, whilst moving away from nature. “The Romantics weren't very enthusiastic about these changes—they were especially concerned about people moving away from nature” 8. The World is Too Much with Us, written by Wordsworth, explores societies’ movement away from nature and towards the mechanical world. Whereas, the band AC DC explores the subject of

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