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Good morning and welcome to the number 1 radio show, The Beat Goes On, I am your host, Caleb Argent, and today we will be going on a journey of reflection as we analysis the power words have in evoking human emotion through poems and modern songs alike. Poetry has been motivating, inspiring and inviting people to reflect on themselves for centuries. It has made people look back on the errors of their ways and come to terms with their mistakes. Poetry has the power to do all this because of the way the words within are written. Poets in the Romantic age (1800-1850) were very avant-garde minded and due to this, most of the utmost controversial and well known poets come from this age. As a result of this we here at The Beat Goes on have decided that our journey of reflection will began at the peak of poems in the romantic era with a famous poet named William Wordsworth and his poem “The World Is To Much With Us” and end in the 21st century with a famous song called "Gone" by Jack Johnson. In William Wordsworth’s poem “The World Is To Much With Us” the theme shows us that humanity has lost its way or is losing its way. Over time this idea of “Humanity losing its way” has brought about many controversial opinions and arguments between people who agree with the statement and people who disagree. This theme has changed a lot over the ages due to the different levels of technical advances at the time. In William Wordsworth’s poem he mainly focuses on the way society no longer

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