Materialism In Henry David Thoreau

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I, Henry David Thoreau, have found myself aggrieved upon your article, Pond Scum, that questions my beliefs of nature and my way of life. You have proclaimed statements that do not fit me so, such as being sanctimonious, hypocritical, and misanthropic; for those reasons, you think I should not be as admired as I am today. However, I refuse to subject to those claims because my teachings and beliefs are all in the name of the divinity of nature. There is much more to this world than our materialistic values and complex lifestyle, and if we were just able to open our eyes and look deep within, then you as well shall be able to understand my teachings. You first accuse me of being sanctimonious, that I am superior and holier than everyone else in this world. Before criticizing my political philosophies, you include my quote about the prophet, “ ‘It seems as if I were more favored by the gods’ possession of revealed truth and entitled to enlighten others. Thoreau, comfortable with that posture, sneered at those who were not” (7). It is true that I see myself peculiar from everyone else, but I am not as egotistical as you may think. Claiming existence in the universe is not disgraceful, it should be valued. Every person should be allowed to think for themselves, to follow their intuition, and seek what they think is right without the insight from others. We should be allowed to trust our gut because the head is easily fooled than the heart. Therefore, I refute your

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