Mathematics Is A Essential Component Of The Education System

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Mathematics is a vital component of the education system. Children should not only learn to read fluently and comprehend books. Children should be taught to manipulate mathematical facts in a fluent manner as well as think critically about mathematics. For students to be able to compete in today’s and tomorrow’s economy, they need to be able to adapt the knowledge they are acquiring. They need to learn new concepts and skills to apply mathematical reasoning to problems (National Research Council, 2001). As students gain an understanding of mathematics, they engage in problem-solving situations enhance their rational thinking skills. Teachers ought to provide learning opportunities that allow students to explore, identify, and create viable…show more content…
In addition, I insist that students become describers of concepts and their thinking. Therefore, I implement an array of writing activities for students to explain the process they use to solve problems. According to Cuoco, Goldenberg, & Mark, (1996), students should be able to manipulate patterns and provide a sound explanation of the mathematical steps that they apply as they become independent learners. The practices presented above can help my students develop as rational thinkers. Improving learning demands changes in my teaching practices. Teachers should be on an interminable mission to learn and create new strategies to facilitate instruction. During this course, I learned new strategies that can help me improve mathematical concepts in the classroom. One strategy that I implemented recently was the missing factor puzzles. The puzzles are engaging my students with fun challenges that they enjoy. Factor puzzles increase students’ mathematical fluency and flexibility with multiplication (Laureate Education, 2013). Currently, I am exposing students to the puzzles as a way to build mathematical fluency. In my classroom, I have assigned a few minutes of math time to build mathematical fluency. It is during this time that students are presented with the puzzle and then discuss the solutions with partners. Another strategy that is current
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