Matt Preston Essay

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Matt preston is a award winning food critic and a TV star. He although apperaing in mutiple diffrent tv shows have grown up , throughout his entire life he has strived and worked for a better life for Himeself and has never gave it just a few percent. Growing up he was a person in love with the knowledge for food. Through thick and thin matt worked toward a better life and that is exactly what he got thankfully it made a great life for him and his family. Thought the thick and thin he worked hard non stop to achieve his dream. Matt Preston should be the one person everyone looks up to


Matt is an award winning food journalist, restaurant critic and television personality. Matt preston appears in several different TV shows. Just to name a few Masterchef Australia, celebrity masterchef, master chef junior, master chef all stars, masterchef: the professionals. Matt preston by all means appears in several different TV shows. Preston has twice appeared as a guest on the Australian talk show Rove, and the game show …show more content…

Matt Preston is the guy who faught for everything he belived in. I think he should be the person who is that inspirational person not the person who people do not even know unless you have the passion for cooking or culinary. Matt preston knew that he should not give up and he did not he. Thankfully he did notbecuse if he did it would have made his life alot worst. For we as people with the love and passion for culinary arts would not have the knowledge and the learning abiliies to see what he could possibly offer to us. Knowing that he could do many more things as such a inspirational teacher for all of us as people for learn from. From all of his opinions during master chief and all others so we as a group should be thankful that he is there. He is the best that is put there for he has done everything

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