`` Maus `` By Art Speigelman And Film, The Best Years Of Our Life By William Wyler

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War can be seen from different perspectives but can also be defined as a battle against an opponent. War also impacts people differently based on the events taking place. Traumas from being a victim or perpetuator can affect the individuals’ involved emotionally, mentally and physically. Hence, the conflicts can alter life drastically. When we look at the battle, we tend to disregard the effect of the perpetrator also known as the soldier who fought in the war and the victims who experienced the tragedy as bystanders, instead the focus is more on the mass destruction of bombings in communities. In the book “Maus” by Art Speigelman and film “The Best Years of Our Life” by William Wyler, the narrator takes us into a world of war where the behavioral changes in the victims is brought up as a result of the war that takes place. The novel and film display’s another point view which allows the viewers to see the true experience that individuals go through instead of just physical attacks on the environment during war.
During the holocaust as viewers we only observe Hitler and his attacks on the Jews. But fail to take into consideration the effect of the individuals involved. Throughout the book Maus by Art Spiegelman, the author describes situations where people were brutally killed, people were separated from their families and sent into gas chambers to be killed. Multiple people suffered but those who survived the holocaust had a harsh time fitting into the normal way of

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