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Your Title Your name Institution Date (optional). GUILT is an emotion one gets when he/she believes or discovers that he/she did a wrong deed and valuated his/her standard social, moral or penal code ( Chaplin, 1975). The intensity of guilt varies from one person to another. When some individuals survive a horrific event, they get this overwhelming feeling of guilt and blame themselves for surviving the abominable situation that others did not survive. This state of mind is a mental condition and is sometimes termed as imagined guilt. It may be found in survivors of holocausts, natural disasters, mass murder and pandemics e.g. the 9/11 Oklahoma City bombings. While this guilt might not be experienced by everyone, it a research based …show more content…

Vladek often finds it hard to finish his stories due to the emotional turmoil he goes through while narrating it. The recording was very time consuming to complete since owing to this. Vladek was torn between telling his son the gruesome story of what his family went through and mentally re-living the event as he narrates it to his son. He had often tried to block these events from his mind and did not want to think about it again. It brought him great pain. Guilt is the major theme for this novel. It is a major factor that greatly affects the relationship between Art and his father. Art feels guilty because of three things: Guilt for not being a good enough son to his father, guilt over his mother’s suicide and guilt for publication of the book ‘Maus’. Art felt guilty about not being a good son as he contemplated his relationship with his dad. Throughout the novel, we see the complex relationship between Art and Vladek. An example is how it was when Art came back to the house from school. Often you could think they hated each other. “So…are you going out to Queens?” “No way, I’d rather feel guilty! Besides, I’m too busy, and he can easily afford to hire somebody.” “If you look them together in a room with no food for a week…then you could see what this is friends.” “I know this is insane, but

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