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Distress in Maya Angelou's Life

Marguerite Ann Johnson, commonly known as Maya Angelou, was born on April 4, 1928 in St. Louis, Missouri. She is a famous African-American poet, novelist, and playwright and also worked during the civil rights: "Angelou is a very remarkable Renaissance woman who hailed as one of the great voices of contemporary literature" ( She is also an activist in civil-rights. Angelou went through many controversies during her childhood and adulthood; her romantic life was never joyful and there are questions that come consecutively in my mind: how does Angelou's "Artful Pose" demonstrates the attitude toward writing of her poetry? How "In a Time" does reveal Angelou's ambivalence to love? …show more content…

This thematic element that is present in Angelou's work was likely influenced by Angelou's interest in civil rights.
Angelou also had pressure with her love life which was always coming to an end. The thematic element that Angelou uses is also evident in the poem, "In a Time". In addition, in the sentence, "Left knows not what right is doing" this thematic element is obvious; the poet's choice to use words such as, "Left" "right" and "not" seem to show the tension among the heart and brain. Angelou has been married three times and shows the trouble she has had with her romantic life. Although, the lines,
Joy is brief [...] Then pain stalks in to plunder. (10-12) sustain this frequent element because happiness that one gets from love is short in time and inevitably love always turns in to heart break and heartbreak turns into distress. Angelou herself felt grief when she was sexually abused and raped by her mother's boyfriend. Also, the diction used in this poem, with words such as, "secret wooing" and "tomorrow's ruin" seem to further advise that "wooing ruin[s]" a woman, making her greedy and needy for love when she should be fulfilled by other pursuits. Angelou wasn't able to fulfill her own pursuits when she remained mute for five years. As mentioned earlier, this thematic element that is present in Angelou's work was likely influenced by Angelou's early childhood trauma and failed marriages. Angelou felt guilty when her mother's boyfriend was killed and

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