McCleskey v. Kemp

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McCleskey v. Kemp

The case began with Warren McCleskey, an African-American man who was sentenced to death in 1978 for killing a white police officer during the robbery of a Georgia furniture store. McCleskey appealed his conviction and sentence, relying on the Eighth Amendment’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment and the Fourteenth Amendment’s guarantee of Equal Protection to argue that the death penalty in Georgia was administered in a racially discriminatory -- and therefore unconstitutional--manner.
Jack Boger, then director of LDF’s Capital Punishment Project, argued the case before the Supreme Court on Mr. McCleskey’s behalf. Joining him on the briefs were Julius Chambers, James Nabrit III, Anthony G. Amsterdam, …show more content…

It is evident that our world is not perfect and that people are biased, and not everyone gets treated equally, but that is part of life, which everyone knows to be unfair and there is nothing anyone can do to change that. Over the past few decades we have become more diverse but some people will always be favored more than others. Maybe if the current minority groups become the majority, and the majority becomes the minority, things might be the other way around.
No matter what race or ethnicity, killing someone is a serious crime, especially if they happen to be a police officer. I think that everyone should get charged the same way for the same crime no matter what they happen to look like. I was under the impression that our systems were supposed to treat individuals as equals. I do believe that if a white man committed the same crime as McCleskey, that his sentencing would be the same because crimes committed against officers are taken very seriously because the people who protect and served must also be protected to a higher degree because they are big targets. Therefore a death sentences for cop killers may be an effective of protection for police because people might think twice before shooting and killing a cop. In my opinion it does not make a difference if the jury did not like Mr. Mcleskey due to the fact that he was a colored man, because I feel as

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