Mccarthyism And Mccarthyism And The Cold War

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McCarthy Trials
Cold War
The Cold War started after World War II around 1947.
The Cold War was an international power struggle between the capitalist United States and its allies and the communist Soviet Union and its allies.
Both sides were competing for dominance and exploited every chance they could for expansion.
The term “cold” was used to describe how America and the Soviet Union were not in direct contact, however used client states to fight for their beliefs such as the incident in Vietnam where the south was anti communist, supplied by the U.S. and the north was pro communist supplied by communist Russia or China.
The term McCarthy Trials is referring to Joseph McCarthy, which was an American politician and senator.
McCarthy is mostly known for the second red scare in which he claimed that many Communists and Soviet spies have infiltrated numerous places in the United States including the federal government.
He also made a claim that he had a list of 205 State Department employees who were members of the Communist Party and that communist spies were everywhere and Communists were helping to shape the foreign policies because of this, and basically that he was America’s only hope.
He started by accusing low-level officials and made his way up.
Fear was a large part of this as a fear of world domination by communists or nuclear holocaust, especially because the Soviet Union exploded its first A-Bomb in 1949 and China became communist.
During this time,

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