Mcfarlane: A Short Story

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“No, he’s not. It’s ok, I welcome this conversation,” William said. Both attorneys and Officer McFarlane stared at William, surprised by his calm and engaging composure. “It’s refreshing to find a few holdouts who still believe that the public good is something that can be forced on free citizens. Officer McFarlane has clearly invested many years working for the state. I’m sure he enjoyed the artificial authority he was handed. He must be disappointed to see his agency dismantled.” “My agency along with just about every other state agency.” “That’s right. So, let me ask you something, do you believe that preserving public space like Sleeping Giant is good for us?” “Yes, of course.” “I agree with you. And, if it is good for us, then why do you…show more content…
You’re wrong. All the taxing and spending in the world isn’t going to protect the land and maximize its value. You see, I know my history, too. If that park had stayed in the hands of the original citizens who banded together to purchase the quarry, instead of being turned over to the state, if it had been loved and tended to by a community of local citizens who recognize its value, then how well would it be preserved? Do you think people like that would have allowed the park to fall into the deplorable condition it’s in now? Of course not. By turning it over to the state, you guaranteed is destruction.” “More twisted logic.” “Not at all. You assume that I’m going to turn that park back into a quarry and finish beheading Sleeping Giant. You’re wrong. Look,” William said, fanning an arm out over the view of his orchards. “I live here. Sleeping Giant is my home, my neighbor. I have every incentive to protect her. Her abuse is my abuse. Do you really think a bunch of bureaucrats in Hartford can do a better job preserving and maximizing the value of this land than me? You place your faith in government; my faith is in the people.” “You’ll be stopped. I just hope it isn’t too late to put an end to this insanity,” Officer McFarlane…show more content…
I need the service of men like Officer McFarlane. He has nothing to worry about; his skill set will serve him well as we advance as a society of individuals who embrace and are embraced by communities formed around the concept of free association. In the right community, he will become a valuable asset. He just needs to get over his fear, and learn to trust in himself. Frankly, the only people on this veranda who have anything to worry about are you two gentlemen. Take my advice; if I were you, I’d start developing some new skills. Learn to use your hands for something. I don’t see much use for pencil-pushing lawyers in the new world
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