Mean Girls Film Analysis

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“Popularity With a Price” “When you get bit by a snake, you have to suck out all the poison, that’s what I had to do, suck all the poison out of my life.” – Cady Heron (Waters). This is a clear example of how friendships should be structured as instead of being mishandled in the wrong way. Mean Girls was directed by Mark Waters and was released to the public in 2004 which brought on similarities to real life scenarios. Mean Girls is a chick flick that clearly illustrates the struggle of friendships in a chaotic high school environment. It tells a story of Cady Heron coming back to high school and being exposed to an alternative environment. The director uses a strong sense of characterization with Cady Heron while formulating multiple conflicts …show more content…

Cady Heron is being influenced and smothered in the plastic’s way of life in school and it causes a chaotic scene towards the end. Janis and Damien’s plans are to allow Cady to continue to be Regina’s friend but to also destroy her lifestyle and fame. However, there are steps of completing this cycle, which is exactly why the movie frequently shows scenes of students learning about Julius Caesar. Mean Girls is a great example of Julius Caesar as Cady, Janis, and Damien are trying to overthrow the empire that is Regina George’s squad. Along the way, friendships are tested as Cady Heron’s crush, Aaron Samuels, starts to see the dark side of Cady as she is ruining Regina’s life. In the end, Regina figures out that her addiction to Swedish protein bars and foot-creme lotion is a plan to make her look less pretty for Aaron, allowing for Cady to date him. Regina immediately creates a mean page about herself and turns it into the principal, causing this massive disruption in the school. These series of problems shows that such a little prank on someone can easily blow up in someone’s face and create an abundance of issues socially and physically. In order to finish this riot and hatred of students, Cady had to step up and take the blame for the book, which is a big turning point of the story as Cady does what no one else would have done. The purpose of …show more content…

Cady was a unfamiliar face who knew nothing about the high school lifestyle and being social with others. However, Cady then becomes the face of the place and a hero in some aspects as she completely turned North Shore High School into a completely different environment. It is a sanctuary where students can formulate and solidify friendships with people that they have never met before, whiling receiving education along the way. In conclusion, Mean Girls is an excellent movie that teaches the audience that cherishing friendships and making new ones without changing how you are can make the world a better

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