Measurement Of Total And Total Productivity Levels

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LITERATURE AND METHODES. The research was conducted at Water Treatment Plant of Deli Tua PDAM Tirtanadi, North Sumatera Province, located at Jl. Pamah Deli Tua Subdistrict, Deli Serdang District, North Sumatera. Research activities are conducted from December 2016 to July 2017. The research steps as a systematic step done according to the production cycle of David J. Sumanth (Figure 1), with the aim that research is more directed to the plan as follows: a. Analyze the company's general overview by conducting observations and interviews with company personnel. b. Data collection on resource usages such as workforce, material, energy, and capital as input and sales of clean water as output. c. Measurement of total and partial productivity …show more content…

Figures 2. Fishbone Diagram Productivity. 4. PRODUCTIVITY PLANNING. Based on the results of evaluation and analysis diagram Fishbone can be seen that from the four variables of each input has occurred several causes that affect the decline in productivity. But the significant influence of the causes of the decline in company productivity is the material input and energy input variables. It can also be seen from data of partial productivity of real and partial energy productivity of IPA Deli Tua period of 2012-2016 period, decreasing 39.57% and 37.07% respectively. Having obtained accurate information about the leading causes of productivity decline, the next step is to plan for productivity improvements for the coming year based on materials and technology-based engineering. The productivity improvement plan is focused on cost savings. Productivity planning in question is by: 1. Replace water treatment chemicals in the form of alum PAC (Poly Aluminum Chloride). 2. Install the bank capacitor for the electrical system at IPA Deli Tua. 3. Changed simultaneously by replacing the water treatment chemicals into PAC and the installation of bank capacitors. To change the water treatment chemicals from alum to PAC it is necessary to conduct laboratory experiments and then test statistical analysis to see which results are better and efficient regarding quality and cost. The test jar experiments were performed

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