Mebel Doran and Company Essay

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The analysis of Mebel, Doran and company

Nuttanai Anuntarumporn

Mebel, Doran & Company is a Philadelphia base company, which start up as merchants, importers and shippers, then develop to financial operation business. Moreover, company offer service in stock and bond market such as trading service and M&A. Company see growing importance of M&A as a source of revenue to securities firm like itself. Knox Corporation is a diversified manufacturing firm base in Philadelphia. This company was one of the oldest Mebel, Doran & Company clients. Company wants to acquire Dover, Delaware-based Power-Tie corporation and decide to use Mebel, Doran & Company service. Mebel, Doran & Company will help to …show more content…

This clearly shown that arbitrageur is doing illegally and unethically on this issue.
As the result of this issue, Mebel, Doran & Company gains nothing but lose their reputation. Not only current client like Know corporation is losing confident on company, but other firms that using their service on M&A deal are also losing trust as well. However, Company should take action on people involve in this issue.
Since the evidences are clearly shown, Mebel, Doran & Company has many options to solve this problem. Firstly, Company should fire the person or people involved in this issue to show client company and public that company is not collaborated with them. Secondly, Company might have to pay some compensation for partial loss on Knox corporation deal in order to maintain relationship and close this acquisition deal. Thirdly, Company can notify the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC to investigate this matter. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Fire person or people who involved This is the method to solve the problem at the end result. This will help company get rid of employees who have an unethical attitude. Keeping these people will have negative influence for company in the future as occurring now. In addition, company might lose the most talented person in company as a disadvantage.
Pay for the loss to Client

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