Euripides Medea Comparison

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In Diane Arnson Svarlien’s translation of Euripides’ Medea, the playwright encrypted a hidden message in the play Medea that portrays the same theme as J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban which are: identity, and relationship. To back this up, the first half of the play is talking about the story of why Medea split up with Jason and Medea mentions that men, like Jason, treats women with betrayal. She then clarifies the idea by saying disgraceful things about her husband and ignores Jason’s reasoning on why he has to marry off with someone. The reason why she is considered as “other” is, she is misunderstood of the actions she had done such as murdering her children while she was a little paranoid.
One way to prove Medea misunderstands her role as an "other" is, she is lacking at her citizenship status. To give an example, according to lines 33-39, “Friends talk to her, try to give her good advice; she listens the way a rock does or an ocean wave. At most, she’ll turn her pale neck aside, sobbing to herself for her dear father, her land, her home, and all that she betrayed for Jason, who now holds her in dishonor.” Medea gave all the effort she can in order to help Jason to retrieve his golden fleece before this melodrama happened. Eventually, she exiled the first time when she falls in love with Jason and exiled again due to Jason’s Betrayal. Speaking of Jason’s Betrayal, Medea doesn’t know what Jason is up to at first because she married off with Jason

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