Media And The Internet

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Since the invention of the internet in 1983 and the invention of social media in 1997 the way people live their lives and communicate with each other has changed drastically. While it is only about 37 percent of the population using the internet the changes that social media and the internet has brought has had both positive and negative impacts on society as a whole. The positive changes which social media and the internet has brought ranges from making it easier for people to communicate to each other to making it much easier for the public to access educational content such as videos, newspaper articles, and books. The negative changes which social media and the internet has brought can be very detrimental to society and ranges from making it easier to spread viruses or make it easier for predators to stalk children all the way to distracting us from both our social and work lives. The internet is a tool that can be used for many different things and has changed the world in many different ways. Firstly the internet has changed the world for the better by making it extraordinarily simpler for people to research information. Through the internet there are thousands upon thousands of pages filled with links to for the most part useless information, but by using search engines and entering in a few key words you can easily file through these websites and finds the ones that are useful to you. The websites that are on the internet can range from websites such as Amazon to

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