Media And Wellness Essay

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Introduction The media portrays what is attractive or unattractive in society, it builds a norm that women must be thin and men must be muscular. Society is constantly seeing their favorite celebrity on the screen or in advertisements and try to mimic them. However, there is a negative impact with the media. Photos are constantly air-brushed and edited which leads to unrealistic expectations of the human body. This is detrimental for both men and women because they start having problems with their body, which results in disorders and drastic measures trying to live up to this unrealistic expectation. By establishing this unattainable physical perfection, the pressure to be attractive does harm physically and mentally. Body image allows…show more content…
There were three questions that arose in a study by Spurr and Berry and they were ‘‘what are adolescent understandings of psychological wellness, are there positive or negative influences on an adolescent’s sense of psychological wellness, and does the psychological dimension influence adolescent wellness?’’ (Spurr & Berry, 2013, p. 18-19). The study targeted ages 16-19, this raised a reoccurring concern of the participants, the effect of media on their views of physical appearance. These adolescents are comparing themselves to the models and celebrities and it’s causing them to feel bad about themselves. Other adolescents expressed their views of how the media affected their thoughts. One stated ‘‘you think about it more. Like, once you see someone like that, you think about what you’re eating, and why you don’t look like that.’’ (Spurr & Berry, 2013, p. 26). Other participants made references that girls are hurting their bodies trying to lose weight to look like the women in the media. Male adolescents are also feeling the same way. When they see a toned male, they want to be like that so they start working out or popping drugs to make themselves bigger. Men and women struggle with the same ideology that the perfect body is skinny and muscular but this has negative repercussions, this body dissatisfaction leads to harmful weight control
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