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This paper will focus on the problems with media literacy in social networking, the news, and in schools to better understand what reliable news is and what is not, to be better informed on what is going on in the world around you. This paper will also focus on the history of media literacy, what are the causes and effects of media literacy and how to spot bogus information. I will also discuss if how to deal with media literacy should be taught in school and if so, how early? Technology has become a force in the information world. You can watch, listen or read about an event in real time on your television, radio or smart phone. That seems to be a good thing but when different networks are fighting to put out the news first, the truth can be lost in the process. So, what does media literacy even mean? The website,, defines media literacy as the ability to identify different types of media and understand the messages they are sending.” Technology and the digital age as made it easy for everyone to create and distribute media. One of the main issues with the media, weather it is the news, social media or the radio, is we do not always know who created it, why they created it or is it even creditable. Understanding media literacy helps us with make smarter decisions, see different points of view, communicate effectively and helps determine which sources are credible. Understanding media literacy should start in school. Students should learn what is

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