Essay about Media: Making Society Go Downward

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It seems as if it doesn’t take much to amuse us now days. It is apparent that entertainment, specifically television, has changed drastically. All three of the articles discussed the change of television through the years. They all had interesting views and debated well. The article that I chose to discuss is “Reality television: Oxymoron” by George F. Will. “America is becoming increasingly desensitized. Entertainment seeking a mass audience is ratcheting up the violence, sexuality, and degradation, becoming increasingly coarse and trying to be shocking in an unshockable society (Will, 295). Television may not be the worst thing in America, but it is desensitizing us. Without even knowing it things don’t bother us as much as they used …show more content…

Some of the things are just ridiculous. There are many programs based on real stories or dramatic situations but are not considered reality television programs. While reading this article a few questions came to mind. What’s next? Where will we draw the line? This is entertainment? This article discusses how networks are on a race to the bottom and that the bottom is not yet in sight. How low can we go? Many reality programs basically degrade people and in return give them money. The question arose; can these willing people be degraded (Will, 294)? The media gives people what they want. If it brings ratings up then they are happy. The above mentioned articles discuss the intellectual merits of television. Johnson argued that watching T.V. makes you smarter (213). Johnson explains that a type of televised intelligence is on the rise. Cognitive benefits conventionally ascribed to reading are now found in television. They include attention, patience, retention, the parsing of narrative threads (216). I agree to an extent. There is no question in my mind that the programs we have today do stimulate our brain cells and make us think. They use techniques like jumping from scene to scene and also having each episode prepare you for the next and ongoing stories. Johnson describes the improvement in human cognition is associated with watching television. Stevens defines human cognition as “multi-threading” (232). Stevens continues to state that her

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