Media Shaping Gender Roles

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Shaping Gender Roles Media has always had a big impact on the social norms of society. Especially when it comes to shaping the roles of genders. It seems like everywhere you look there are forms of media that show you what you are expected to look like and act like. Every time you go on social media or watch television you are constantly seeing advertisements of beautiful people who meet every expectation of the norms of society. When looking through old advertisements the roles for genders in society are constantly changing. One way media does this is by showing what someone should look like or act like. These forms of media are usually shown in advertisements in magazines and television. Another role media plays in the way genders are shapes is how different genders may be treated and what is social expectable in society at the time. The media portrayed roles for men and women are constantly changing, so this in turn changes the social norms for society. These changes can be seen in media made throughout the years. Have you ever looked at ads made before World War II? The roles men and women had in society were much different than what they are today. Before the 1930’s women were often portrayed in media as perfect house wives who took care of the children while the men were hard at work in factories. It was not uncommon for a women to stop working once she was married because that’s what society expected of them. Men on the other hand were expected to work hard so they

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