Media Violence Cause And Effect

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Media Violence Cause and Effect
Violence is just one of many things that humans are exposed to throughout their lives. It is a natural part of the world we live in. Humankind has faced it in the forms of hunting, battle, and crime, but for the longest time violence was not commonplace in the home, depending on the people. That is, until the media came about. It is the drama and the action that gets the most attention and the media capitalizes on that. With the ever increasing presence of violent media, research is always being done and continues to find correlative data supported by an understanding of human learning and behavior processes, that links on-screen violence to numerous long-term effects on human psychology. The most discussed effects are those on violent behavior, thoughts, and feelings, desensitization, and relations to fear.
In children, media violence can lead to long-term aggression, but their behavioral development is largely directed by their environment and learning process. To understand how the media effects a child’s behavior, an understanding of this development is key. “Monkey see, monkey do” is a simplified term describing a more complex process. By experiencing behaviors vicariously, certain emotional reactions become associated with given stimuli. Imitating these reactions repeatedly, encodes the respective behavioral scripts and normative beliefs (Bushman, Huesmann). Violence promotes aggression, and kindness promotes more kindness. Peers and

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