Media 's Effect On Women 's Self Esteem Issues

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Advertisements promote new products each year, yet how many of them really work? We as women we are an easy target to persuade, and we cannot tell when an advertisement is speaking the truth. A woman is constantly bombarded with advertisements about beauty. They will believe what they see in magazine covers, but the truth is that all those pictures of your favorite models and celebrities have been retouched. They will start comparing themselves with size 0 models. Women believe that to look good and to be pretty, they have to be the size of the models. Advertisements persuade us to buy unnecessary products. Their publicity is with the sole purpose for them to have faith in that product and go buy it. It distorts woman 's perception of beauty, and impacts women not only negatively in their self-image, but their health too. They make women believe that they will only reach perfection if they buy their products. I believe that media may contribute significantly in self-esteem issues. Banning beauty advertisements would decrease significantly the percentage of anorexic and bulimic women. Media is creating a false image of how real women supposed to look. Media affects woman physically and emotionally. Making them create a false image of perfection about how a real woman should look; thin and young. The most famous trends are being used by extremely thin and the prettiest women. This is considered to be the ideal women. Women will start comparing themselves to this model,
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