Media's Effect on Teen Body Image Essay

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Media's Effect On Teens and Their Body Images
Through out society many teens and young women have been scrutinized for their bodies and appearance. Media is one of the leading contributor. Media has led to the sexualization and body image issues in teens and women. As the media idealizes women as a miniature size 0 with long blonde hair and blue eyes, it leads to the loss in self esteem. Every girl wants to look like Megan Fox, with her great body and good facial structure. Reality is we can't all look like that and it's what women, call "winning the genetic lottery".
So what about media changes the view of women on themselves and their bodies? Research has shown that as adolescents we tend to watch television and read magazines that …show more content…

Being a thin man is not seen as a being optimal. "On average, boys believe they are good looking, and girls are unsure" said Melissa Milkie, assistant professor of sociology at the University of Maryland.(Mullen J.2) Girls see themselves due to media, as never being good enough. They tend to be unsure of themselves as women they idolize change themselves with the stipulations of media.
Young Women tend to feel that if they are not as skinny and beautiful as the women portrayed on television that they will be bullied or harassed by peers, for the lack of not following the rules of an “ideal” society. Bullying has become a large factor between peers over body image. It is what is called “The Mean Girls Effect”. Students are harassed by their peers because their are not the same size as them. Body image at a young age changes the outlook on young teens futures. If they are slightly overweight they are seen as “pudgy” or “thick”. Peer judgement is destructive to the self satisfaction of female adolescents. Many girls do not perceive their bodies as normal because of unrealistic, extremely thin images illustrated in the media. Reality is that the impractical images portrayed on the internet and in media has changed the “real” image of what women appear to be.
“Even though most girls realize these images are unrealistic, they nevertheless feel constrained by these standards because they believe it's what their peers, and especially men hold up as

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