Essay about Medical Advancements During World War Two

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Medical Advancements in World War Two.
World War Two, a harsh period of time in the 1930s-1940s, filled with controversial arguments, political battles, fights to the death, but most importantly, medical advancements. Did you know that without the research and discoveries made during World War Two, our medical programs would probably be lacking the information we have today? It’s very true, and in my opinion, the war strengthened our medical abilities, and it really put our world to the test. New medicine had been discovered, while old medicine had been improved; horrible medical experiments performed by the Nazis occurred during this time; but most importantly, World War Two has affected our medical programs that we have presently. These …show more content…

It had the same curing properties as “M+B” (it cured infectious diseases), the only difference being that it also treated wounded soldiers. It greatly increased the survival rate of wounds and infectious diseases, and in my opinion, without Penicillin the death rate would have probably doubled or tripled! Like “M+B” the demand for Penicillin boomed during World War Two, and the mass production of the drug increased greatly.
While these two drugs have had such a great impact on our world, there are many other drugs that were very important during World War Two. Sulfanilamide, for example, was carried by soldiers all the time. It was a white powder, sprinkled on wounds to prevent infection, and it still exists today! The mortality rate of wounds without Sulfanilamide was 75 per 100 people, however, with Sulfanilamide, the death rate plummeted to 11 per 100 people! Morphine was also greatly used during the war because of its strong painkilling properties. However, it was extremely addictive, it was even more addictive than Nicotine (one of the most addictive substances known to man)! It was originally made from poppy plants indigenous to Turkey and India, and it was administered through a syrette. A syrette is a small auto-injector with a tube attached similar to a tube of toothpaste, but much smaller. Morphine caused many people to faint if they were fatigued or severely wounded, proving the extreme strength of the drug.

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