Medical Anthropology : A Subfield Of Anthropology

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While critiquing medical anthropology, a subfield of anthropology that analyzes how different factors influence population health, pharmaceutical spheres are often overlooked in the way drugs are distributed and manufactured; there are distinctive agents that explain how a pharmaceutical territory could become an environment with a disrupted drug distribution system and with neglect for the impoverished. In 1990s Nigeria, its national drug market constituted around 30 to 70 percent of fake drugs (Peterson 6). Numerous drug markets were also run by criminals who facilitate activities in the wholesaling process of distributions (Peterson 16). Likewise, homeless AIDS patients in Brazil were outcasted from access to ARVs as an universal health therapy (Biehl 1112). All of these facts are pervasive threats to the integrity of human health. Therefore, neighborhoods involving pharmaceuticals demoralize fragile populations through the implications of how clinical trials exploit treatment naive populations, the everyday risk of how traders speculate pharmaceutical markets, and the disturbance of how structural violences reveal a sense of injustice for drug resistance treatment. Clinical trials are often practiced in determining whether a drug is validated for safe and effective distribution. They are branched into three stages and are generally sponsored by biotechnological companies (Rajan 67). The first and second stages are to determine whether the drug molecule is safe for
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