Medical Billing And Coding Program

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As in this world everything we want to do start with a process of steps. We started Medical billing and coding program with the first step and now we ending with a step in our last module. So is filling a medical insurance claim with an insurance company for reimbursement for services rendered by providers? This starts with a health care provider diagnosis and treating a patient for which he has to be paid or reimbursed. Filing a claim starts when a health care provider have rendered services to a patient. This process is recorded through a coder into ICD-CM 9 or 10 for diagnosis and CPT codes for the procedure/s. This communication makes up the bill. Patient demographic data and insurance information are added to the bill and a claim is ready to be processed. There are eight steps that to an accurate and expedite claim.

· Patient Registration: As soon as a patient calls in to set an appointment with the provider they have effectively pre-register with their doctor’s visit. If the patient has seen the doctor before which then is established patient he or she needs to give the reason for the visit. If the patient is a new patient then they have to provide personal and insurance information to the provider to ensure them eligible to receive services from that provider.

· Confirm Financial Responsibility: When financial responsibility is confirmed the person will owe for that particular doctor’s visit. This is where a biller can determine which services are
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