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At your request I have reviewed the Boards electronic case folder in the above-referenced matter, paying particular attention to the resumption of treatment in 2017. As you know, this case was established by an agreement of the parties for an occupational disease involving the neck, thoracic spine, low back, both shoulders, both elbows, both wrists, both knees and both ankles with a date of disablement of 01/10/12. The average weekly wage was set at $826.00 without prejudice and a finding was made from 01/10/12 to 07/14/12 of no compensable lost time. A review of the medicals show that the claimant has received only treatment since 2012. That is treatment by Dr. Julie Colvin on 06/08/17. Dr. Colvin indicates the claimant has pain in …show more content…

There really is nothing new in the file since 2012, other then the report of Dr. Colvin. I agree that the five (5) year gap in treatment certainly a raises question of causal relationship. I reviewed Dr. Colvin’s report, in particular, to see if there was some history of any new accident or injury in the years between 2012 and 2017. The reports fails to contain any such history. The fact that Dr. Colvin recommends the claimant see a rheumatologist to me raises a question as to whether the claimant has some type of none occupational rheumatological problem. The claimant’s complaints are in some of the established body parts but not in all of them. I would strongly encourage you to have an IME done on the issue of causal relationship to this new treatment. Your IME consultant should be sent all of the medical reports from 2012 as well as the report from Dr. Colvin and they should be ask to comment on whether this treatment on 06/08/17 and any treatment thereafter would be related to the original occupational disease. I would advise the doctor that the claimant has been able to continue to work in her regular duties and if you have a job description I would forward that to the doctor as well. In the absence of a clear history of a new injury or accident which could provide a basis for controverting further medical care, we will need a medical report on causal relationship in

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