Medical Interview Essay

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MS. FRANC0: It is apparent from visiting with Dr. Nael P. Ghael on yesterday December 21, 2017, she was no more prepared or familiar with my medical history then she was on November 22, 2017. In November she said she would order my records from Care Now and wait on the results from the MRI. She did not know that I had physical therapy, she said to call you again about me being off work she could not do that. I told her when I did call you, you were so nasty to me and rude I did not get you to listen to why I was calling. I am going to ask you the same question I asked The Human Capital Staff if you are sending me to a doctor that does not have or will not allow one off work to heal, where will I get a doctor’s statement from. It appears I …show more content…

It appears to be what is happening to me. YOU, Ms. Franco, has let me know in uncertain terms I could only visit Care Now and Concentra, and I had one time to switch; the switch being go to another location Care Now or go a Concentra. I was not given the opportunity to choose my Care Now location, I was sent from Adams Middle School. From the first time I spoke with you, you would start your sentences with a sigh and a deep breath and say we’ve had this conversation before you can only go to Care Now or Concentra never listening as to the nature of my call. On November 28, the morning I was to go to have the MRI done because I was unable to have it done on November 27, 2017, due to anxiety and fear I had to be sedated. The nature of my call which you never really listen to me was to ask you about the mental trauma I was experiencing because the treating doctor said, call your adjuster I don’t do that. The only way I will take you off work is unless you have a limb on the floor, broken limb, or a broken limb like a leg or arm, or you are having surgery. You added to my stress level being so rude and nasty to me. When you allowed me to speak you said, “why, you calling me I aint’ no doctor” I then and aware now you are not a doctor. But realize you hold most of the decision making power in your hands. I do not know why a certified doctor that treating a patient would say call

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