Medical Marijuana - the Debate

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Medicinal Marijuana: The Debate

Marijuana or Cannabis sativa is a natural grown plant in which the leaves, stems

and flowers contain delta-9-tetrahydro-cannibinal (THC). When smoked, THC gives the

user a type of euphoria or “high” feeling. However, many medical professionals and

patients claim that this drug also gives users medical benefits for various ailments;

and they are fighting to have this drug legalized for this reason. According to the National

Academy of Sciences (1999), “the high associated with marijuana is not generally

claimed to be integral to its therapeutic value. But mood enhancement, anxiety reduction

and mild sedation can be desirable qualities in medications, especially for patients …show more content…

During this five-week trial, 64 patients were

given either a whole plant extract aerosol of tetrahydrocannibinal and cannabidiol

(THC/CBD) or a placebo. The active treatment was delivered in a spray of 2.7mg/2.5mg

of the THC/CBD and the patients could increase their dosage to a maximum of 48 sprays

within a 24-hour period. On the final week of the trial, the mean total of daily sprays

taken by the patients using the THC/CBD was 9.1, compared to the 19.1 from the patients

using the placebo. (GP, p. 28) This study concluded that “those using the cannabis

extract spray were a quarter less likely to suffer pain and about 40% less likely to suffer

sleep disturbance, compared to those taking the placebo” (2003, p.28). In 2006 another

study was conducted in the U.S. by Martha Tetris, M.D., who is chief of urology at the

Augusta Veterans Affairs Medical Center and professor of urology at the Medical

College of Georgia. Tetris conducted a research of 52 men under the age of 60 that

had transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) and 104 men within the same age group that did

not have TCC. “Among the 52 TCC patients, 46 (88%) reported habitual use of

marijuana compared with 72 (69%) of controls”. Tetris (2003) states that “substances in

marijuana tends to stay in the bladder longer than the substances of cigarettes”. (p.

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