Medical Pluralism And The Medical Field

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Medical pluralism can be described as making use of many forms of healing for illness using conventional or complementary or alternative medicine (Wade et al. 2008). In my research on the topic of medical pluralism, there were many questions I found worth exploring. With 5.6 million women using some form of CAM (Wade et al.208), it is important to explore what has caused the shift form biomedicine to CAM. Study’s found that women view CAM as way of challenging gender inequalities in the medical field. Moreover, can complementary and alternative and western medicine coincide in the Canadian health system? My interview subject refutes this idea as stating that the compensation model in biomedicine is a major roadblock in medical pluralism. …show more content…

Her clients visit her either before or after they have exhausted the biomedicine module. Based on research on her website and the interview attached, the subject has claimed to heal many of her clients from chronic diseases that their healing properties has known to belong only to biomedicine for example breast cancer.
What is the field? Theoretical theme
In the United States, approximately 38 percent of adults (about 4 in 10) and approximately 12 percent of children (about 1 in 9) are using some form of CAM (NIH 2016). Based on the interview with DR P, she explained that there has been an increase of people looking into alternative medicine. Steuter quoted Eisenberg as “Fifty percent of Canadians use some form of alternative medicine and spend approximately $1.8 billion a year on it ("Canadians Pour Billions" 16). In the United States, visits to alternative medicine practitioners now exceed total visits to standard physicians. Americans are spending more than $20 billion a year on alternative therapies and treatments” (stouter, 2002). This increase has made one wonder why are people moving towards alternative medicine. One of the many reasons Dr. P noted is that that people need a better doctor client relationship. There is no relationship with the family doctor. There is something missing (interview, February 20, 2017). She explained that the average patient gets twenty minutes with a doctor. This is not enough time to diagnose a

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