Essay on Medical Progress Made By The End Of The Renaissance

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Medical Progress Made By The End Of The Renaissance

What's the Renaissance? Well the Renaissance is a time of great intellectual, scientific and cultural development, in our case we are looking at The Medical Renaissance which was from 1500 - 1650 and in this assessment we are going to look at diseases, treatments, doctors, technology and new discoveries and by the end of this piece of writing, I will have answered the question ' What Medical Progress Had Been Made By The End Of The Renaissance?'

In the Medical Renaissance many people did not know what caused disease. Most of what they believed in was basically what people also believed about 350 years ago. This is because many people believed in …show more content…

But probably the worst kind of treatment for illness or disease was amputation, without anaesthetic. And that's all I have to say about that because those words speak for them selves.

The Doctors and Healers that were around during that time were very well educated and trained but compared to what we know today; they were quite primitive. But in their day, they were modern. There were two types of healers; they were licensed and unlicensed. The Licensed healers were:

Physicians- These were well-trained doctors, they would study the works of Galen and Hippocrates and train for 15years. They were first class doctors. Many rich and important people would have their own physicians.

Surgeons - These were known as second-class doctors, this is because surgery was only necessary if you needed an amputation. Surgeons trained for years but almost always by watching their teacher performing the surgery and them taking notes.

Apothecary- These were early forms of chemists and sold mixed remedies.

Midwife- These were the only women around who were given a small education in medicine they were allowed to be midwifes because many believed that women knew more about the woman's

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