Medical Tourism : The Global Commercial Organ Trade

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Medical tourists usually choose to travel to other countries in order to receive health and dental care. Unfortunately because countries have differing approaches to address medical tourism there is no set definition. However figures show that demand for medical tourism is on the increase . There has been wide debate if this facilitates exploitation, and if so how countries can combat this problem. Exploitation is most obvious in the global commercial organ trade. This is referred to as transplant tourism, of which the 2008 Declaration of Istanbul proposed the following definition : Travel for transplantation becomes transplant tourism if it involves organ trafficking and/or transplant commercialism. In the first section of this essay, the forms of exploitation present in transplant tourism, will be evaluated. Once established recommendations will be proposed as to how host and source countries can protect the individuals involved, other than prohibition. Finally, these will be addressed with reference to the effect, if any that this will have on the current measures in place. Exploitation Before assessing if transplant tourism causes exploitation, exploitation must first be defined and explained. According to Snyder, exploitation comes in two forms. Exploitation can be unfairly taking advantage of others and distributing the benefits, of such, unfairly. The other form of exploitation follows a Kantian approach, when people are used to meet another 's own ends. Both
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