Medication Management Research Paper

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Senior Care and Medication Management

Nearly half of seniors do not take their medications when or how they were prescribed. There are mistakes on dosages, methods of delivery, time of delivery, what they should be taken with, and even if they should still be taken. Compounding the issue, most seniors over the age of 65 are taking between 8 and 13 different medications. Put these numbers together and it is no wonder that problems with medication management are one of the leading reasons seniors end up in the emergency room, and is the number one reason seniors end up back in the hospital after being recently discharged. According to a study published in "Pharmacotherapy", nearly 70 percent of hospitalized seniors suffered from at least one …show more content…

Most seniors over the age of 70 cannot name all of the medications that they are taking. They may remember that they need 2 red pills, one yellow one, and two of the little white ones, etc, but they can't tell you all of the names. With the crazy names of the medications and the mix of names between generics and name-brand, who can blame them? Yet, if there is a problem, doctors, first responders, emergency room personnel, etc, need to know exactly what they are taking, how much and when. A good medication management plan addresses this.

Logging why the medications are taken. Too often, medications are prescribed for a condition and the refills just keep on coming. Their condition may have been cured, a new medication may have been ordered, or another physician may have ordered a pill that conflicts with one that is already being taken. Senior care personnel can make sure the medication log reflects what is taken, why, and help check for duplications, contraindications, etc.

Know who and Where. Most seniors see many different physicians. Who ordered the medication? Why did they prescribe it? If somebody needs to check on a refill or ask for an alternative, who would they contact? Senior care personnel can help keep this list up to

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