Pediatric Population : The Geriatric Population

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Geriatric polypharmacy Polypharmacy refers to the use of four or more medications by a patient who is generally over the age of sixty-five also known as the geriatric population. While other populations are at risk, elderly patients have a higher rates of chronic illness which leads to taking several different medications. They are more likely to have numerous doctors causing poor communication between the groups of providers. This leads to different medications getting prescribed that can cause adverse reactions, overdoses and death. Adverse drug events occur in fifteen percent or more of the geriatric population that come to offices, hospitals, and long term care facilities. Nearly fifty percent of older adults take one or more …show more content…

If the elderly patient is taking five or more medications there is a thirty percent increase in medical costs (Kojima, Akishita, Nakaumura, Nomura, Ogwawa, Iijima, Ouchi, 2011). The patient’s functional status has been known to decline in these circumstances such as a decline in th3e ability to complete activities of daily living. Cognitive impairment, including both delirium and dementia, have been associated with polypharmacy along with falls, urinary incontinence and possible malnourishment. This research paper will include a summary of the patient population, a proposed solution including goals, barriers, benefits, and timeline of major steps to be taken for implementation of the proposed solution, the parties that will be involved and lastly, implemented solutions. Patient Population In general, older people are living longer than ever before. They are healthier and more diverse than in past generations. However, with increasing age comes disability and illness. Many elderly adults are disabled in one or more way and will most likely turn to health care to treat them. As the elderly population increases and the longer they live, they will require more help with activities of daily living and chronic disease management including medications (Kojima, Akishita, Nakamura, Nomura, Ogwaw, Iijima). Non-adherence can occur in all elderly and occurs more when the patient is prescribed multiple

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