Medieval Diseases And Treatment Research

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Alicia Yang
Professor Wooten
ENG 241-101
23 October 2015
Medieval Diseases and Treatment Research Essay During the Medieval era there were many diseases. Because of the lack of hygiene in the medieval times, diseases would spread like a wildfire. Just to name a few common diseases that happened in this time, there was the Black Death, leprosy, measles, and typhoid fever. These were most likely transported because of dirty bedsheets and blankets, unwashed clothing, and rodents. The treatments for these diseases and other things, such as medicine for stomach pains, medicine for wounds, and medicine for headaches, are different from today’s standards. The name of Black Death arrived because of the symptoms that were present. When a person has been affected by Black Death, they would have blackened swellings on their skin. Before the swellings blackened, it would be a red color and then gradually darken (Black Plague). Not only would the skin be showing a black color, the blood of the victims would be dark and thick (Black Plague). Other symptoms that arose from this disease were muscle pains, bleeding in the lungs, high fevers, and vomiting. The disease was able to spread through fleas that were on rodents. According to the Black Death article, “7,500 victims of the disease were dying every day” (Black Plague). Medieval treatments used to cure this particular disease was to applying a warm poultice of butter, onion and garlic on the swelled areas (Black

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