Medusa Vs Dracula Research Paper

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Medusa and Dracula were two of the most important Greek monster stories of all time.

Medusa started off as a very beautiful mortal woman who had been turned into a snake by Athena because she was jealous of Poseidon and Medusa being married. Medusa then fled from home to from place to place, and then to Africa dropping snakes from her head, which is why Africa is now known as a continent that carries a heavy capacity of dangerous snakes. Dracula on the other hand was a story about a vampire and who put Britain through a very tough situation. He would suck people’s blood out and leave them left to die. Vlad Dracula was said to be the ruler of Medieval Transylvania. The book “Dracula” was written by an author named Bram Stoker. These two characters are very similar when it comes to hurting others and not being able to control the power they have.

Dracula was a Vampire who grew older but as he consumed blood, it made him look ten times younger than his actual age. Dracula had a problem, if he did not drink blood he would become sick and he would grow older. This did not help him but it only hurt him and earned him more enemies. People began to realize his faults and go against him. There were many secrets that nobody knew about Vlad Dracula. He avenged his father by killing thousands of innocent
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They both are very popular in the Greek-mythology section. These are myths that have been around for many years now and are still talked about during present day. Many believe that these are real and some people say they are just old stories people made up for entertainment. Medusa seems to be real when it comes to the facts about her being in Africa and reasoning behind why Africa has so many snakes, Dracula also seems to be a topic that everyone knows about or has information on. Both Myths are very interesting today just as in the
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