Meet, Meat Industry Essay

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When people think of the cow that their burger comes from, they think of a peaceful, fenced-in field with cows grazing lazily. In reality that beef comes from a cow who is forced to eat something it cannot digest, in a cramped, loud feedlot, covered in feces. Big business has worked hard to hide the reality of food origin. The American government should create legislation that would eliminate this problem. Research is being done with invitro meat, otherwise known as lab grown meat. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should approve invitro meat for human consumption. Animal cruelty caused by the farming industry and large companies is a huge problem that can be avoided with scientific advancements in lab grown meat. The American…show more content…
When meat arrives in the supermarkets, it appears in neat and nicely wrapped packages under bright lighting; fresh, clean and detached from its source, sometimes ground or covered in spices, and largely cut in such a way that we cannot even tell by looking which part of the animal the tissue comes from (Hopkins 580). There is already a missing link in our knowledge about the meat people eat, so lab grown should be an easy transition onto the shelves. The bioengineering required to make "invitro meat" is an offshoot of the technologies being developed to grow tissue from stem cells for medical transplants. Researchers in the Netherlands grew a small amount of pork from harvested pig cells, so lab produced meat could be on the menu within five years (Grose 1). These are not meat substitutes, or ‘‘artificial’’ meat, or meat-like substances that are conglomerations of soy products and gelatins, it is genuine meat, genuine animal muscle tissue that requires no animal suffering and no animal death to produce (Hopkins 581).
Lab grown meat can grow in a few different ways. Meat is already cultured on small and early scales using a variety of basic procedures (Hopkins 582). One of the ways is called scaffolding. Using scaffolds relies on self-organization of cell in muscles. Growth of the cells happens on small beads or mesh suspended in growth medium (Hopkins 582). Different growth mediums are being used for trials. Some mediums are algae, fetal bovine serum, or
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