Melodrama and Heaven Allows Essay

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Both Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Todd Haynes have drawn on Sirk’s film melodramas in their films. Discuss the differences and similarities between their uses of Sirkian melodrama in their films Ali: Fear Eats the Soul and Far From Heaven. In developing your analysis you should engage with theoretical debates about these filmmakers’s work and theories of melodrama, and you should support your analysis through close reading of the films

Douglas Sirk, a Danish-German film director, is best known for being the father of Melodrama. He is commonly referred to as a master of the weepie (Willemen 1972) and has been an inspiration and paved the way for other directors to use and adapt his work. One film that has been embraced and recreated is
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In this way, audiences are made aware that if it weren’t for Cathy losing the scarf, they would have never embarked on their journey together.

Williams also states that victim-heroes are the focus of melodramas through recognition of the character’s virtue, where the victim’s point of view is the main concentration of melodrama. The protagonist’s moral virtue ultimately causes immense suffering, thus causing audiences to empathise with them (Williams 1998). In Far From Heaven, it is Cathy who is the virtuous individual who silently suffers to maintain equilibrium within her family and society at large. This is conveyed throughout the film as each event leads us to Cathy’s (the victim) recognition as virtuous through her suffering (Skvirsky 2008). In the first half of the film, Cathy decides she will do well by her husband Frank by bringing his dinner to the office as he is working late. Just as she arrives at his office late at night, Cathy discovers her husband, to her surprise romantically involved with another man. In the latter part of the film, Frank confronts Cathy. He demands to know whether rumours she had spent the afternoon with a man of colour, Raymond Deagon are true. Through the course of these events, Cathy gives up the
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