Memersion Reflection Analysis

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Next, I learned that there are tons of community resources available to support people in need and to protect human rights. I chose to visit two immersions to learn more about the services that they each provide to the public. The most memorable immersion experience was the Domestic Violence Center located in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The services provided by this organization to victims of domestic violence are impressive. The second immersion was at the Food Bank of Delaware. It was great to tour the Food Bank facility and see workers in action to fight hunger in Delaware. Both immersion activities were enjoyable learning experiences. In addition, I enjoyed learning about some of the other immersions that my colleagues attended as …show more content…

For instance, organizations can continue to build a diverse workforce through the hiring of qualified people who come from different cultural backgrounds, by offering ethics and diversity training, practicing equal and fair opportunity, addressing discrimination and harassment acts, and focusing on employee health and wellness, and more. An excellent example of safeguarding equity and diversity in the workplace are initiatives to raise awareness about mental health disabilities in the workplace or healthy workplace strategies as Carol Kivler (2017) shared in her presentation titled “Starting the Dialogue: Depression in the Workplace”. In addition, establishing checks and balances to monitor progress, and to put accountability mechanisms in place may be good internal practices to adopt as well.
Liswood (2010) explained:
When we put different people together – which diversity inherently does, we have to go to the next step, move beyond diversity and be conscious of who we are and others are. Only then can we get the true value of that diversity, make the workplace fair, keep the pipelines flowing, and have more effective global companies. (p. 134) In education, to safeguard equity and diversity many policies and strategies were implemented over the years. For example, two of the most popular that occurred was the No Child Left Behind policy and the desegregation of schools.

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