How To Make Up Memories Essay

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A camera can only capture so many memories. There are a lot of people that make up the memories in my life. Some memories are good and some memories are bad, but these events make me who I am today, and who I am becoming as an individual. The flash was blinding to my eyes. Thinking to myself, I hate pictures. Today was my first day of second grade in a new school. Not knowing anyone in the second grade scared me quite a bit. I have so many worries!!! Will I get lost? Will I make new friends? Will my teacher be mean? “Get in the car.” said mom. “I don’t want to go” as tears roll down my cheeks. Looking out the window on my ride to school, I could only think of negative thoughts. As I stopped crying my mom finally has a chance to talk to me she said “have a good day sweetie, today will be great!” I did not know that at that second but soon I would. Walking into the classroom, I find my name on one of the desks. As I take my seat the teacher walks up and says “You can go outside if you want and play with the other kids.” Getting up from my seat this girl says “Hey you want to be my friend?” “Sure!” I said. “What's your name?” “Miranda” she said. So for the rest of the day we talked and laughed and before we knew it, it was time to go home. Right as I walked in the door my mom was there to greet me. I told her all about my day and how I want to go back already and how this year is going to be great!

Going back to that moment would be terrifying. But the
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