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Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it become a memory - Dr. Seus. some people don´t get the value of their memory. I cherish all of mine and now i´m going to share some with you.

Spring, May 2015 My best friend Madi and I walk into the waterpark the first thing I see is kids running around.I smell the strong and bitter chlorine from the water. We walk to a table.As we are walking and I am talking to my friend I get the taste of all the greasy snacks like chips and hamburgers and other foods people are eating around us. We find a table and we sit down take off our coverups and of course we head straight for the big slide. We walk up the steep stairs and wait in line for about thirty minutes and by the way we went down …show more content…

While I was opening one my presents I could hear the crinkling of the wrapping paper.I looked inside the bag to see what was left in the gift sack and I saw a little pink owl stuffed animal and I screamed and pulled it out of the sack and hugged it I could feel the soft and fur on it as I was hugging it. Next up CAKE TIME!! My Mom had made my cake so I helped her cut the cake and pass out the pieces the cake melted in my mouth and bittersweet! Then we took a hay ride around the neighborhood and I live in a small neighborhood so it felt like a short ride. On the hay ride me and my friends were talking and I could taste the freah air coming into my mouth as I was talking.Sadly the party was over and everyone started …show more content…

I could hear my kitten running around my house.While in the pose I could feel my friends smooth skin when I was putting my hands on her ankles. I could smell my kittens strong smelling cat litter.

It was a hot summer and humid day at Oak Park mall we were all sitting on a hard and rough concrete curb as lots of people were walking with their flippety and floppety flip flops and talking.I could sense all the good restruants that people were eating food at.I was holding all the plasticy sacks they felt like they were about to break my fingers because they were so heavy.I could see all the people standing and waiting till we were done.

My mom was holding the camera in my face as she was taking a picture of me.I was holding the cardboard tickets in front of me so people could what concert I was at.I could sense all the greasy food people were eating.I could hear all these sweaty people were standing around and talking very loudly.I was standing on some smooth glassy floor. Lots of people were staring at

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