Men Who Were Sent to Alcatraz Essay

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Alcatraz began in 1850 as a military prison. Later it became a federal prison. Then on the verge of 30 years it was closed. Then for a while Indians used the island. Alcatraz was used to house the criminals who provoked problems at other jails. The island was located off the coast of California. The island has had many uses over a span of 122 years. Alcatraz was first used as a Military prison. They used it as a Military prison from 1850 to 1934. In 1934 it was changed to a federal prison. The Military cons were the first inmates of the prison. Then after roughly 30 years of federal prison use, Alcatraz was shut down due to deterioration and cost.
The next to inhabit the island were Indians. In the Monte Cristo, a charter …show more content…

The men’s uniforms were white and black or black and white shirts with blue pants. Also no women were in the jail, but some lived in the islands apartments, with their father or husband who worked in the jail. Some inmates would go years without seeing a woman or hearing one’s voice. The food and drink provided was on holidays the inmates were served fine meals such as stuffed celery, tom turkey roasted, pumpkin pie, fruit cake, and coffee. The inmates were fed 3 times a day and always had decent food. Most inmates said it was better than other federal prisons. But for drinks, the only fresh water on the island was rain and fog. Alcatraz experienced various deaths on the island. Eight inmates were murdered, 15 died of disease. Also five suicides took place; most men did not have time to attempt suicide because guards and officers were always walking the halls, also no knives, guns,

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