Men in Black and Star Wars the Phantom Menace as Science Fiction

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Men in Black and Star Wars the Phantom Menace as Science Fiction Both of these films contain ideas of war and peace, whether it is the threat of invasion or the protection of land and values; also there is an element of power that is exerted between two sides disrupting the peace and the balance of the universe. Secrecy is added to indicate that not everything should be available for all to see. Conformity is a key theme and is evident throughout, either via costume or setting. These films also reflect on the importance of secrecy to keep the balance of power and ensure that conflict does not arise and the fact that authority, no matter how high is …show more content…

Tommy Lee Jones then says “INS Division 6”, with which the policeman replies with a quiet exclamation to his friend “There is no Division 6”. This already puts the audience on a higher state of alert, as a common policeman is undermining, not only a man in a suit who seems to have more authority, but also Tommy Lee Jones who is one of the main characters of this film. We can identify the higher authority that Tommy Lee Jones carries, not only by acknowledging the black suit – which complies with the theme of secrecy - and the policemen are wearing tan coloured uniforms, but also his body language and tone of voice. He appears to walk calmly towards the on looking policemen, not being intimidated by them and not being threatened by the context of the situation. Furthermore, he talks in a calm, collective tone of voice and of a person of experience. All of this supports the main theme of authority undermining all that we do. Conformity is also present as a main theme within this scene, due to the fact that the two groups of characters are wearing uniforms. Conformity is a main theme, both within Lucas’s film and Sonnenfeld’s. In “Men in Black” Tommy Lee Jones is always wearing the same black suit; this shows that he is committed to his job and that

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