Mental Asylums : The Benefits Of Mental Asylums

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Mental asylums. The first thing that usually comes to mind is dark, prison-like buildings with dangerous people locked up in rooms by themselves. Characters such as the Joker from the Batman comics come to mind, he had severe and dangerous mental problems that make him extremely dangerous to both himself and others. This mentally ill man is kept locked away, so that he cannot hurt other people, which makes sense that he is in prison. Although not every mentally ill person is as sick as the Joker, they do need to be kept safe and given necessary treatment. These asylums that have been closed down, were the places these sick people could get their treatment. They were kept safe and thus able to receive the necessary treatment to keep both …show more content…

These incarcerated or homeless people according to Fred Osher, another author from the New York Times, brings out that the number of these individuals, with serious mental issues, are up three to five times that of the general population of the country. In addition to this large amount of people, they no doubt need to be provided with treatment. And although this can be given to a degree in prisons, the individuals are often left untreated altogether or under-treated, because of lack of staff available to help, according to Jamie Fellner, author of How to Keep the Mentally Ill From Getting Behind Bars. Yet, these are the worst places for mentally ill persons. They need support from others, but cannot really get that in prisons, because it is meant for criminals, not sick people. Not only are prisons not made for these mentally weak persons, but prisons, according to Fellner, are the worst place for the mentally unstable. At asylums and other facilities there are some long term residents, who may have to live there for the entirety of their lives, yet not all of them do. This is coming from the first hand experience of Ann-Marie Louison, who worked as a social worker for a number of years in a state-run mental hospital, where residents were able to receive good care. Through the care given at these types of facilities people potentially can go back to living their lives normally, because they are able to receive

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