Mental Health And Mental Illness

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Nursing education includes theoretical studies and clinical experiences which cannot be substitute with other. While starting my nursing career as a student without any previous experiences in mental health, I also have the same attitude as general people where mentally ill people are vulnerable, dangerous, unpredictable, and to some degree responsible for their own illness. Initially, I was not fully prepared, anxious and stressed to start the course. After studying mental health, I found what is mental health, what are the causes of mental illness, disease type, a severity of diseases and as being nurse how can we treat mentally ill people. Hence, after studying mental health, my perspective towards the mentally ill patient is totally changed and feel more comfortable to deal with mental illness.
Before studying mental health, I thought that mental illness cannot be recovered fully. It can only be controlled because whenever mental illness topic used to discuss, stress was one and only topic which comes on my mind. According to Jorm, Barney, Christensen, Highet, Kelly, and Kitchener (2006), there is a huge gap in people and professionals, people are not believing in the treatment of mental illness. However, mental illness can be recovered with proper counselling, guidance and treatment (Stanton, Tooth, and Champ, 2017). Mental illness can be caused by different factors such as work pressure, ethnic group, intellectual disability, economic and social status, immoral

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