Mental Illness And Crime Essay

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“There are two major types of strains: removal of positively valued stimuli and the presentation of negative stimuli” (Barrera et al., 2015, pp. 267). Individuals who have mental illness have an extra strain due to mental health symptoms that may be present. Due to the level of stress that mental health brings and everything that is associated with it: the stigma, lack of social support or understanding from society produces an active response to crime. Some mentally ill individuals experience intense frustration due to feeling like the cards are stacked against them, resulting in a criminal act in order to obtain a “normal” life, in their eyes.
One idea as to why a mentally ill person may turn to crime, is that they look at those with a “better life,” see what they have and in turn want it, even if that means obtaining it illegally. They may also lash out, due to being frustrated with themselves and their inability to conform to societal ideals. Link et al. (2016) states, “Mental illness leads to increased strain as it can cause a decline in socioeconomic status, coupled with low social support, can sort …show more content…

If a person experiences an increase in stress it can trigger mental health symptoms; creating a domino effect within their lives. Mental health symptoms are heavily influenced by stress and strains that are present in daily living. Essays (2015) mentions this same point, “When a person develops a mental illness, emotions can be so overwhelming that they develop an inability to cope with everyday activities such as: work, socializing, and maintaining a relationship” (pp. 1). Stress exacerbates symptoms and then increases the probability of a person with mental health symptoms to look to crime, in order to find relief from

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